HOT BOOGIE CHILLUN - that is Blues, Rockabilly and trashy stuff with hooker beats, linkster guitars and sonic power. Do not call it retro! Call it "the evolution of Rock and Roll"!

Twelve years are gone, since the band started to lay down their first track, since that track they played nearly every stage and worked hard for their true and loyal fan base all over the world.

Europe is quite familiar to the band, as well as the USA - to name all the cities they have spent the night...? It would be longer than the shopping list of your mom...!
but here are some to mention: London, Milan, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles, Oslo, Helsinki, Paris... ...

That is sure enough to retire from all of it, but there is more to come! 2005 they played a big tour in Europe and USA.
And they even carry on playing for YOU the best of their songs from a non-vegetarian menue of 3 albums.

Their highly anticipated new full length album "15 Reasons to Rock and Roll" was released in march 2005.
It includes the participation of one of the finest female vocalists in Rock and Roll: Martine from the infamous famous Sin Alley.

This album is zeitgeist loaded with non-sentimental remeniscences of a glorious past.
So watch out when they knock on your door to give you a reason to Rock and Roll!

The HBC are: Roberto Bangrazi - drums, Michael Frick - bass, Sascha Vollmer - guitar, vox

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